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Charts & Monitoring






Follow your children as they grasp new skills and develop at their own unique pace via Webee's easy-to-use monitoring tools.

Webee parents' zone is a graphical interface that lets you monitor your children's activities, providing information in over 20 different skill sets, including: music, colors, shapes, objects, letters, numbers, basic math and even physics & reading.





Webee keeps you up-to-date on your child progress every step of the way!

Webee parents' zone offers you analysis of your child's achievements over time, hence letting you interact with him/her according to his/her own unique progress inside and outside Webee's online world.

Each game has a number of levels and with Webee parents' zone you can see when your child can be advanced to more challenging games and activities.









Webee parents' zone enables you to challenge your child using additional games and activities as he/she acquires new skills.

The additional games will be offered according to the child progress in the 20+ different skill sets that the Webee system develops.