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WEBEE was created by Danny & Rachel Van Buren, a husband/wife team who wanted to introduce fun and exciting educational virtual games to pre-school kids. Danny is a lawyer with years of business and management experience, while Rachel has over 20 years of software development experience, working as VP R&D and CTO to multinational corporations. Together they have spent years building a team of professionals to help them fulfill their dream. Now they're hoping for your help to turn their dream into a reality and make it into production. .    

Danny Van Buren

Co-founder and CEO, has a strong background in leadership and management roles, both in the military and civilian realms. Prior to founding Jumboard, Danny was a managing partner in Hackam, Van Buren and Lander legal firm, and holds an LLB from Bar Ilan University.

Rachel Van Buren 

Co-founder, VP R&D, and inventor of the Jumboard keyboard, Rachel brings a wealth of technology R&D and management experience to the company.
Prior to founding Jumboard, Racheli served as VP R&D for Tadsec, working on command and control (C&C) systems for "Safe Cities".  She has also held positions including Project Manager and R&D Team Leader in top hi-tech and security companies such as Scitex, TTI Telecom, Backweb and Elbit Systems. Racheli has a BSc in mathematics and computer science from the Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Ora Segal-Drori

Pedagogical Advisor. Lecturer of Education, Levinsky College &  Institute of Study Advancement & Social Integration, Bar Ilan University.

Boaz Shnapp

CTO, 30 years of technology leadership and entrepreneurial experience. Designed, patented and globally-implemented technology solutions across various industries. Previously co-founded several software startups.

Noam Avniel

Operations Manager. Extensive experience in management, operations and entrepreneurship in startups from launch to growth.

Yael Singer

Project Manager. Over ten years of experience in animated productions and delivering complex projects in the field of software, gaming, television & cinema.

Tali Pouny

Project Manager. Extensive experience in quality control and software development.

Boris Yevsikov

Chief Software Programmer.  Expert in the field of software and has extensive experience in complex programming projects.